Deschutes County Special Election

May 18, 2021

It is more important than ever to VOTE.

If you want to protect your local community, you must get involved.

On our ballots are people that decided to give up their personal privacy and safety because they see what is going on at the local level.  Go to the link below to see who is NOT owned by the Democrat Party and the corporations that would like to see America destroyed.

Deschutes County Republicans - Special Election

Jefferson County - Contact them for info

Crook County Republicans on FB

Look up your County's Republican Party Here



**This image does not necessarily reflect the opinions of all PR Members, but maybe it does.

Executive Order No. 21-10

Seventh Extension of Executive Order 20-03 and Covid-19 State of Emergency

April 29th, 2021


View guides below to help you know your rights.

If you are staying open and would like support from your community email us at

We will list you here so people can use your products or services.

See Business List below for a list of businesses that we like to support.


We the people hold the power.

But only if we stand together.

What's happening in Klamath Falls?

Get caught up on the latest with the Water Issues:

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 5.52.59 PM.png

Launching soon - Could it really be....  A platform with FREE SPEECH!!??

They are broadcasting LIVE still today.  Something everyone should hear...

You will need to access the website on the Browser SAFARI

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How does this affect you?

Are you fed up with these orders?

What are you going to do about it?

I'd love to hear your comments

This is how we felt about it.


A Call to Support Local Businesses.

*See Open Biz's below.

For The Oregon Business Owner

It's time to gain back the confidence you had when you first opened your business.  Understand your constitutional and statutory rights to operate your business free from government overreach.  It's about education, knowledge, action.

Take back your business.  Reignite your passions, goals, your vision, and your success.  We are here to assist you in seeing your dreams come back to life.

Many people are asking us how long this is going to go on.  UNTIL enough people take OFF their masks and peacefully non-comply.  Every time you put your mask on and keep your business closed, you've given Governor Brown one more day of government overreach.

Here we make an effort to educate you.  But it is UP TO YOU to be prepared, proactive, have a plan, rehearse the art of asking the right questions.  Know the law.  OPEN.

Here are some guides to assist you.

Oregon Business Owners Guide


The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the USA, and The Oregon State Constitution.

This booklet is available from the Freedom Foundation.  You can call and pre-order your copy now - Next orders coming in May - 

Freedom Foundation 503-951-6208

For The Individual

Here you will find many answers to questions you may have on the mask mandates, laws that pertain to that, and your RIGHTS:

Here you will find a prepared .doc for you to add your own name and date to:

Complaint Against State Plan Action

(click to download)

OSHA's Breathe Right Guide Page 7

Send along to

OSHA Proposes Permanent Rules on COVID-19 in all Workplaces

See details on Oregon Citizens Lobby

OSHA wants to make Mask Mandate a PERMANENT RULE moving forward.

The guidelines state that they will stop the Rule after the Emergency orders cease,

based upon feedback from OHA (Oregon Health Authority) and the Governor.

Input towards this is OPEN through April 2nd.

Send the input by Certified mail to:

Department of Consumer and Business Services / Oregon


PO Box 14480

Salem, OR 97309-0405

Read more: Oregon OSHA’s Proposal on Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in All Oregon Workplaces

Churches Open

Patriots and Christians, Join Dave and Ramona Hulick, White Rock Cowboy Fellowship Every Sunday at 2pm at the Flag Pole near City Hall in Redmond to pray for the USA, the state of Oregon, and the county.  Prayer can change things, turn dark into light.

It is amazing to see businesses taking their Rights back into their own control.  The following is an updated list of businesses that have opened.

Please do all you can to support these businesses who are standing up against an abusive government.  We are their first line of defense in the coming battle ahead.

Also, IF you have a business that is OPEN, regardless of what it is and you would like to let People's Rights members to know who you are, and what you do, please email us at peoplesrightsoregon at and we will get your info out to the group at every update and on our website.


(Some but not all businesses listed are still adhering to Covid protocols but have decided to open.)


Kevista Coffee 130 SW Century Drive Bend OPEN!

Trio Fitness  2422 NE 2nd St, Bend  541-420-7114 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. MASKS NOT REQUIRED.

The Growler Guys  2699 NE Hwy 20 & 1400 NW College Way 

Accolades - Laser engraving, gifts, personalization shop  1244 NE 2nd St #2 Bend 

Academie De Ballet Classique  162 NW Greenwood Ave 541-382-4055

Bend Lighting  615 SE Glenwood  541 318 1940

‘Your FairyGodMother’ EnergyMassage & Support  DownTown BEND  713-253-4208

Mirror Pond Counseling in Bend and Redmond. We’ve been open seeing in person clients the whole time and continue to expand.


Proust Coffee  235 SW 6th  Visit website

La Fondita Mexican Grill  526 SW 6th St  

Initiative Brewing 424 NW 5th St

Regio's Cafe  1154 NW 6th St  6:00AM - 3:00PM  541-504-1374

Westside Local 122 5th Street in Redmond OPEN!

Mo's Egg House 950 SW Veterans Way Redmond OPEN!!

Full Throttle Java  255 sw 5th St Redmond  Website

Christies Kitchen 614 NW Cedar Ave Redmond OPEN!

Yo Wild Frozen Yogurt 915 SW Rimrock Way Redmond OPEN!

Trendkill Body Piercing 508 SW 6th St Redmond 541-504-0406

United States Swolecorps Gym 2392 S Hwy 97 Redmond OPEN!

Redmond Athletic Club 1717 N 2nd Street Redmond OPENING MONDAY DECEMBER 28TH!

Sno Cap Drive Inn  1053 NW 6th St, Redmond

Body Smart Fitness 2392 S Hwy 97 Redmond 541-977-2731

Melissa Mcall Massage 1955 SW 29th St Redmond 541-350-6756


Saterlee Jewelry Repair & Design Center  513 NW Fir Ave



Prineville Athletic Club 211 North Main Street Prineville 541-447-4878

Foundry Four Coffee + Whiskey 129 NW 4th St Prineville

Norm's Xtreme Fitness Center 120 W Third Street Prineville 541-406-0455



Eagle Bakery  218 SW 3rd St Madras 541-475-4593

Katz Massage  72 SW 4th Street  541-325-6999


Carolyn's Coffee 701 SW 1st St Culver 6:30-4:00

Beetle Baileys Burgers 103 1st Ave 

Juniper Cove Bar & Grill  319 1st Ave - Opens 01/23

Round Butte Inn  503 1st Ave - Opens 01/23


Cork Cellars Wine and Bistro 391 W. Cascade Ave, Sisters

Antler Arts  311 Cascade  541-549-4251

Outlaw Martial Arts  352 E Hood Ave

CardioStart Thrift store  435 W Hwy 20   On Facebook

Updates for Saturday November 28, 2020

Prineville 11-1 town square

Friendsgiving protest and toy drive to kick off the season


Redmond 10:30-12

Noncompliance March/rally and toy drive

Bend 2:00-4:00 Newport Ave and Wall St.

is the big show this weekend...  we moved the  event time to 2-4 so that the other areas could have time to do their local event and still make it to bend if they choose to. PLEASE CHOOSE TO!! 


We need an enormous showing where we are all standing United.. Close to 800 people gathered all over last week on short notice... let’s get that or more in bend on Saturday

If at all possible go early and visit some of the local shops and restaurants that are staying open.. many are taking the original start time of noon to 2 to do that and I think it’s a wonderful idea..

Connecting Community Members with Local Businesses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Thanks to everyone that came out to Protest this latest lockdown.  We had a great turnout!

Updates on Rallys Saturday 11/21:   

Bend- Newport and Wall Street Noon, potluck and or take out from local resteraunts. 

Redmond-Centennial Park Noon.  Also potluck and plan to also march through downtown.


Madras-Six Shooter Saloon on Main street, across from KFC.  BBQ and potluck 11am 

Prineville-Across from the courthouse 11-1 with Potluck. 

Update 11/20/20

Good morning Oregon.  

Brown's latest antics are not being recieved well around the State.  We got word that towns all over Oregon will be gathering and protesting this latest order.  The plan is a simple gathering in complete defiance to this next lockdown.  I think we can all agree that this will not only not be the last one but will surely extend passed two weeks.  The nonsense coming from this State needs to stop and the only way that it does is when people push back.  Our words fall to deaf ears and we truly are living without representation in our government, so the question must be posed.... What are we to do?


This Saturday at 12PM, towns all around this State will gather in mass, holding a simple gettogether and potluck.  This is a great opportunity to grow our groups, and spread our message all while sticking a middle finger up in mass at the tyrant in chief. I am proposing we do the same. Our group is almost 5000 people at the moment.  I would love to see an effort in each of our towns. Coos Bay,  Bend, Redmond, Prineville and Madras have all committed to acting.  A mass gathering at all of the local or county buildings would help to send the message that we have had enough of the BS. 


SO, plan to spend 1-2 hours this Saturday and again the next gathering strength in our numbers.  Bring a simple dish to share or whatever and lets make sure to get a good photo of the group together and even a video of the group in mass saying "WE WILL NOT COMPLY...." or something of that sort.  Signs, banners... all of it.  We need to post and and share the images all over whats left of social media so that the MSM cant ignore it and the tyrant in chief sees that we will not be "ORDERED" to do anything by her.

I am reaching out to the 5000 members in Oregon in hopes they can do the same.  Our area assistants will help to coordinate the exact location of the events and we will send out another message with more details as they come in.  We just wanted to get the info out as early as possible so that folks will have time to plan. I hope that as a group with the numbers we have signed up, our turnout will be substaintial in our towns.  

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we plan to do the same adding a TOY DRIVE to the action. This not only does something great for our neighbors but also shows that we will not have our holidays and traditions stolen over a political hack.  WE MUST STAND UP AND PUSH BACK.  This is just the beginning of what will be a coordinated effort to fight back.  BEGGING for the queen to stop is not going to work, and we must be strong, united and definant in our efforts.  I HOPE we can count on your help.  Evil needs nothing else to gain a stronghold but for good people to sit by and do nothing....

Sitting idle hoping this will all pass has proven to not work.  It is time for the People to show who holds the ultimate power... This is step 1 of many.. Please unite with us to defend each of our rights.


BJ Soper

Oregon State Assistant

UPDATE 11/20/20

There are peaceful protests happening around central Oregon.  Here is one in Bend tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 10.04.26

Statewide Freeze Empowers Locals to Unite.

-Written by Rachel H. - Marketer, housewife, and member of PR OR5

People and businesses are recognizing that this shut-down must not go on, never mind start again!  We have lost many of our local businesses already, and asking for the surviving businesses to take another hit is just too much to take for some.

I want to take a moment here and provide information for people and businesses (below) to help with the upcoming freeze. We as individuals have rights, and the discussion is happening now as to what rights are being attacked, or gently removed from us as we navigate these tough times.

I also want to recognize that there are people that support this Covid-19 Freeze.  That is great, that is YOUR right, so this page may not be for you.  I can guarantee that most if not all of us do not want to see people get sick, or suffer from COVID, but we recognize the consequences of these shut downs outweigh those of infection.  Please stay home if you choose to, that is YOUR CHOICE.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 8.44.21 AM.png

 KTVZ 11/16/20 - More than 100 protesters gathered in downtown Bend for a "Keep Us Open" rally on Sunday to speak out against the two-week statewide freeze announced Friday by Gov. Kate Brown. The freeze that begins Wednesday was announced as COVID-19 cases climb in the state as they are elsewhere in the country.

Here are some more places to look for answers we seek:

The Healthy American


Confused about compliance, violations and fines regarding masks, distancing and other restrictions?

Whether you are a business owner or a customer you NEED to be equipped and empowered to know your rights!


Health Freedom Idaho

This website has great information for those looking for answers.  Our States do differ in our laws, but we all have the same constitution! on masks.


What can you do to help your community?

SUPPORT LOCAL.  This is a term we've all heard so much, perhaps the meaning has lost it's fortitude.

But when the reality of the situation dawns on us, Supporting local takes on a whole new meaning.  Like saving our community, local leaders, business owners, we are Americans with RIGHTS.

Looking around today I found a few links to check out.

How to support local business right now in Bend, OR

Independent Restaurant Alliance of Oregon.  Our mission is simple — we are fully committed to working together to find the solutions to the challenges our industry faces, together.

Without our local businesses, we become reliant on Big Corporations.

Do you remember the last shut down?  Small businesses closed their doors forever, while big corporations made BANK.  Stores like Walmart, Fred Meyers (Kroger), and Amazon stayed OPEN FOR BUSINESS, as we ALL know, we ALL shopped there.  

Stay tuned for specific LOCAL Businesses to support.  Some will be keeping their doors open, and some may be take-out or curb-side only. Whatever each individual person or business decides to do, let's support them and SAVE OUR COMMUNITY.

Check back soon for updates and businesses to support.  Thanks for visiting.  RH

If you would like to join the conversation here, and have CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, or are a Business here in Central Oregon and want to let people know you are open for business, just let us know!  Send us an email at

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 10.13.57