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Are you being forced to get vaccinated?

The looming deadline has now passed, and people are wondering what to do next.

This is a question we are also exploring.

Until then share your story with us.

As you may or may not know, most people (patriots) are NOT on Social Media! (except GETTR) So keep that in mind if you are trying to connect with others.

This form here is for you to connect with us, and others in the same situation.  We are working - as our mission is clear - to UNITE to DEFEND.  Please consider becoming a PR member as well, you will find your neighbors here.

What is Your Story?

Have you been put on leave?  Who is/was your employer?  Tell us what you are going through right now.  Do you wish to join up with others that are in the same situation?

Thanks for submitting! We will be back in touch with you soon.

Here is an update 09.21.21

-this page is being added to frequently, so please refresh your browser-

Here you can find some resources to help you navigate through these trying times.  People's Rights Oregon 5 members are here to help you, and our members stand up for our rights!

Become a member of People's Rights Oregon 5, and come to the meetings.  These and other topics and resources will be shared there. 


In the meantime …


Stand Firm (Matt 10:22,I Cor 16:13-14, 2 Thess 2:15, Phil 1:27, Phil 4:1, Eph 6:11,13)

Read Senator Dennis Linthicum's Email about More Exemption Details Here.

Is Your Employer Attempting To Mandate Vaccines.pdf (272 kB)

Wondering What To Do?

There are other options as you navigate the Governor’s blatant over-reach: 
Demand Full Informed Consent from your Employer

Stand for Health Freedom Action Center
Children’s Health Defense Resources 

Legal Action:
Children’s Health Defense is looking for plaintiffs (adults and children) for COVID-19 vaccine litigation.
The Freedom Foundation, a legal non-profit dedicated to preserving individual rights, is planning a lawsuit for Oregonians who are affected by this mandate.


You can join the lawsuit and/or support it here:


Employees for Informed Consent is an effort lead by lawyers to represent workers collectively in Oregon, Washington and Idaho:


Religious exemption

Medical exemption


Is Your Employer Attempting To Mandate Vaccines.pdf (272 kB)

Stand for Health Freedom

ACT NOW: Tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary!

Stand for Health Freedom

Children's Health Defense California Chapter

Get the guide: An Erosion of Civil Rights?

Resources: Mandate Exemption Requirements

School Mandates

Employer Mandates

Medical Freedom Advocacy

Community Outreach

The Healthy American

Breathing Life Back Into Liberty

At THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, we educate, inform and inspire positive action as we fight for truth and freedom!

We provide PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, personal advocacy and consulting to help you:

  • Understand the laws affecting businesses, schools, travel, employees, medical

  • Keep your business open lawfully

  • Navigate public, private or home school environments while defending your freedom

Resisting The Jab. 


Here are some additional resources for you.


Kris Ann Hall’s link for the Anti-Vaxx Letter is  


Peggy Ann Hall’s link for her fighting the Vax video is 


Oregonians For Medical Freedom have given us another avenue for legal help too.  It’s called The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). They can email them at  Their website is

Corey's Digs - Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities Requiring Covid-19 Injections

All over America, students are facing a very tough decision right now. Although some wish to accept a Covid-19 injection, many do not. The problem is that a growing number of colleges and universities are trying to deny students’ right to choose and their right to bodily integrity by requiring the vaccines as a condition of academic enrollment. In the United States and other jurisdictions, that is a violation of the law. It is also a violation of fundamental human and religious rights. As the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons recently wrote, “Students and their families may justifiably believe these policies discriminate against individuals who aren’t candidates for this vaccine, have pre-existing conditions, previous COVID-19 disease, cite religious objections, or are otherwise exercising their freewill choosing not to participate in this optional vaccine experiment.”

Click Here to Go To Corey's Digs and Get The Form

Legal Help Resources

1. Liberty Counsel


2. Liberty Institute


3. Pacific Justice Institute


4. Advocates For Faith and Freedom


5. Alliance Defending Freedom


6. National Legal Foundation


7. Thomas More Law Center


8. Thomas More Society


9. Christian Legal Society


10. American Center for Law and Justice


11. Center for Law and Religious Freedom


12. Christian Attorneys of America


13. Christian Law Association


14. National Association of Christian Lawmakers


15. Pacific Legal Foundation

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