Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future.

People's Rights Oregon 5

When this group originally formed, we struggled to find a purpose other than a place to vent our ideologies and frustrations.  We spent weeks talking and discussing the abuses we faced, the issues looming, the why and the how it all occurred, all while not finding much of a solution to our current state of emergency.


About the 4th meeting in, we decided to do something different. We talked about what each person thought was important to do and found that most were on the same page.  Unity and security became the focus.




You will see that the following groups listed all have a similar goal in mind, all working in conjunction with each other as we strive for our end goal of restoration of our foundational values and Republic.

Groups that have formed within PR OR 5:



Constitutional Studies

First Responders

Food Network

Home School

Mask Force

Medical Freedom

Prayer Warriors


Ham Radio

The State of East Oregon

Oregon 5 was designed to be a “hub” where people can come together to find comradery and friendship, all while working in a group format on concepts they feel are important.


We meet weekly for dinner and discussion, and the sub-groups meet on their own throughout the days also.  Our first responders train 2-3 times a week, and the more we see our efforts produce fruit, the more dedication and effort we see given by our members. 


The groups continually develop as more and more people join our group.  We have people working on a lot of other subjects beyond the 9 or so listed here such as an internal newspaper and media team, long range shooting skills, canning and food storage education and so much more.


We are quickly becoming a group with strength in numbers, which gives our collective voice much more power politically, legally and physically IF needed.

​Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights?

People's Rights is a National Organization made up of individuals uniting with their neighbors.

When you sign up you will find your area and begin to connect with your neighbors.


If you are Oregon 5 then this is the website we have to communicate and keep up to date with each other.

Freedom is secured by uniting together in
Claiming, Using and Defending People’s Rights.

Have your family, friends and neighbors Text

RIGHTS to 80123.

After sending the text, a link to this secure online form will be sent to them:


We are actively working hard to build a strong legal, political and physical defense system in your area.


If you are in Oregon 5 come back and sign up on this website to communicate with your neighbors here.



Do NOT find YOURSELF standing ALONE!